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A compilation of games I made between 2016 and 2020, including solo and team projects. I was the programmer on each one, and made all art shown in the reel.*

*Except for the animations in "Welcome To The Underwhere!" Those are from Mixamo :)

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G A M E S :


3d level layout and playthrough from unreleased co-op prototype "Clover & Rover."

(Might require you to watch on YouTube.)
3d level layout and playthrough from unreleased co-op prototype "Welcome To Frisbeetown."

G A M E S :


The box that fell in love with a boy.In boxy in the cave of feelings, play as Boxy, a cardboard box who has fallen in love with a human boy. Wander through the Cave of Feelings, and stumble upon random encounters that will challenge you to eat certain objects but not others.

  • Made a mini-game framework flexible enough to be extended into 7 different mini-games

  • Built a cavernous overworld for Boxy to get lost (and found?) in

  • Implemented an RPG-style dialogue system

  • Built a random encounter system that introduces new encounters based on story moments

G A M E S :


A rail-grinding boss rush about protecting your home.In SKEETER AND THE SKATE STUMP SHOWDOWN, play as Skeeter, a skate-boarding beetle who must defend his stump from invaders. Timing is everything as you wait for the right moment to switch rails and strike. What kind of friends and foes will you make along the way?

  • Made 3 different maps, each one designed for an enemy skirmish level followed by a boss fight

  • Built a system to rank your performance at the end of each level

  • Built a story-book-style cutscene system

  • Wrote gameplay code involving splines

  • Designed and implemented state-based behavior for 3 different bosses

G A M E S :


Hold hands, make underwear,
take a walk.
Welcome To The Underwhere lets you make your own pair of underwear AND walk around in them. Hold hands and explore serene environments: some grassy hills, a secluded clearing, and a moonlit beach. Kick open small orbs along the way and you might unlock new scraps to use for your underwear designs!

  • Used ProBuilder in Unity to build 5 different areas for struttin' and strollin'

  • Built an in-game pattern creator where players could arrange shapes to design custom tiling textures

  • Programmed some hand-holding inverse kinematics

  • Modeled the characters in Blender and applied pre-made Mixamo animations

  • Used Unity's animation system to control the characters' animation states

W O R K :


Emoji Charades by GameCakeA multiplatform party game about guessing phrases from emoji clues!Work details
Designer-programmer // 2016-2019 // Unity/C# // Mobile, Mac, Apple TV, Chromecast, Comcast Xfinity

  • Wrote UI code that supported multiplayer gameplay on multiple platforms

  • Built tween-based UI animations for core gameplay

  • Example - Typing emojis/Emojis appearing:

  • Example - Phrase guessed:

  • Designed and implemented the game's connection onboarding flow

  • Onboarding flow - connection tutorial:

  • Onboarding flow - connection menu:

  • Built systems ranging from monetization flows to tracking player metrics for live ops analysis

  • Prototyped 4 gameplay modes during ideation phases

  • Made a very cute credits screen :)

W O R K :


China Times for USC DornsifeAn online game tailor-made for 20 college students taking a course about Chinese history.Work details
Designer-programmer // 2014-2015 // Unity/C# // WebGL // Team size: 3

  • Implemented player chat, persistent data, and a simple image editor for custom avatars

  • Tracked bugs and released fixes during game's lifetime

  • Built paper prototypes before going digital

  • Organized and ran playtests of 15-20 playtesters to simulate the intended class size

A few extra goodies:


An intergalactic riddle-
about finding your cat.
Worked as a designer-programmer.
(Also rigged and animated a few things.)
Made by me and Max Zhang.
Fall 2014.

In Interspeller, you find yourself anchoring down on a foreign planet in search of your cat. Armed with nothing other than your linguistic fortitude, you begin to put together the grammar of the mysterious language you encounter, and through understanding these strange words you learn new ways to navigate the land.Input is done exclusively through the keyboard, and no discernable words are used in the game's puzzles, creating the mentally disorienting but rewarding experience of learning a language through context alone.


A touch-based puzzle-platformer
about hacking bugs to destroy bugs
to protect your sick gameboy.
Worked as a designer-programmer.
Made by me and the four other Pillowettes.
Summer 2014.

D-Bug is an iPad game about interfaces. It's a touch-based puzzle-platformer in which your beloved handheld device has become infested with bugs, and it's up to you to possess these bugs and clean Button from the inside out. For each type of bug that you possess, the virtual controls used to maneuver them transform, allowing for a variety of gameplay styles so that our beautiful little bugs can be at their best.D-Bug was developed in the lovely Dundee, Scotland for the 2014 Dare To Be Digital competition, where it won the Audience Choice Award. It was wonderful but we are glad to be away from the seagulls.


Competitive kissing in the third dimension.Solo project -
Level co-designed with Steven Li.
Spring 2015.

Quiet Kissing is a local four-player first-person hide-and-seek game about kissing. Quietly. In Quiet Kissing there are two types of players - Humans and Demons. Humans hide and make out. Demons try to corner an unsuspecting Human, steal its heart, and become Human themselves! In summary: Humans run around and kiss, Demons try to become Human. Just like real life! *kiss* ;)


An invisible maze about gender norms.Solo project!
Made for a university gender studies course.
Fall 2013.

Doxademo is an invisible maze for up to six participants. Made for a gender studies course, Doxademo aims to model the invisible way in which gender "norms" are passed on between and within generations. The participants must navigate the maze from start to finish, but whenever they touch a wall they are sent back to the start of the maze. A ghost is left in their place, showing where a boundary of the maze exists. Participants can only discover these boundaries by bumping into them, but each time they do so, they lose a little bit of their color.


Queer co-operative kissing.Solo project!
Except for the sound. That was Raghav.
November 2013.

The Longest Couch is a game where two players have to complete a series of commands on a gampead to navigate their respective boy to the center of the couch. Once the gamepad commands are completed, the players move to a shared keyboard - as the boys on the screen get closer, so do the players. It is very romantic.The Longest Couch won Best of Show at USC's 2013 QUILTBAG Jam. Hurray, thank you!


Touch-based 2.5D nature platformer about a heroic seedling in a ruined world.Worked as one of four level designers.
Made by the immense Team Flaming Toast.
October 2013 - March 2014.

Bloom was one of USC's 2013-2014 Advanced Game Projects. You play as Sprout the Seedling, using their gesture-controlled nature powers (spike platforms, destructive spikes, rainclouds) to locate the Tree Of Life and restore vitality to a machine-dominated world.As a level designer, I designed 2 levels and 1 boss fight, as well as assisted in the construction and population of the levels in Unity.


Asymmetrical co-ooperation
and mutual dependence
ft. pastel squares.
Worked as a designer-programmer.
Made by me and Jordan Klein.
Summer 2013.

Moss and terra cotta - the colors of Jumper and Thumper, respectively.
JUMPER: The one who jumps.
THUMPER: The one who thumps.
Jumper and Thumper is a local 2-player asymmetrical co-operative game and man is it lovely.





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Characters designed and modeled for personal projects.

(Animations are from Mixamo, not animated by me.)